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Tejal Mehta is a henna artist from Chicago and received her BA from Columbia College Chicago.  After getting her degree Tejal did some freelance work as wedding/corporate videographer.  Meanwhile, she also started doing henna at festivals; the art which she grew up with; in India.  After many successful henna events; she became a full time henna artist in Chicago.  In 2008; she became known as the “henna Chicago” in one of the Chicago neighborhood with many press releases in local news papers such as “Chicago Sun-Times”, “red eye”, “wassup”, “timeout Chicago” etc. etc.

Having a successful and beautiful career in Chicago; Tejal’s whole family moved to Florida and she moved to Florida with them.  She has been missing that beauty of art and would love to start the whole henna culture in Lakeland and hopefully bring it to mainstream art in Lakeland.  Other than that when she is not glued to a computer screen, or the phone; she loves to spend time in the garden with her four yr. old daughter, listening to music, volunteering at the temple and cooking.  She can be contacted at

Also, this blog is about an ancient method used to decorate Women and Men through out East Asia.  It is known as “henna” in western world.  It is also popular by “mehndi” or “hina.”  Henna comes from the leaves of flowering plant known as “Lawsonia Inermis.”  Henna paste is made out of all natural materials.  It has all natural ingredients which makes it good for any age.  Since the henna has stainning property; it only stains the epidermis layer of the skin.  It can lasts upto seven to fourteen days.


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